MBC Music Core 2010-08-14 ep. 221

MC’s: Shinee’s Onew, 2PM’s Nickhun, f(x)’s Krystal, and miss A’s Suzy

♬ Legend of stage

BoA『Hurricane Venus』

SE7EN『Better Together』

♬ Hot stage

Taeyang『I need a girl』

2PM『Without U』


Son DamBi『Queen』

♬ Girls’ Power

After School『BANG!』


f(x)『Nu 예삐오(Nu ABO)』

♬ TROT queens

Jang YoonJung『Olleh / 올래(remix ver.)』

Hong JinYoung『My Love / 내 사랑』

♬ Rising ST★R

Infinite『Come Back Again / 다시 돌아와』

Sistar『Push Push』

♬ Volume UP stage

Norazo『Curry / 카레』

One Two『Very Good』

Bobby Kim『Loner / 외톨이』

♬ Comeback stage



♬ Good-bye stage


miss A『Bad Girl Good Girl』

Show starts around 16:00 KST


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